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Our Values

Our core values define our standards, acceptable behaviours and beliefs. Above all, these core values help shape our culture, behavior, and framework for all our decisions and actions.

These are the 5 core values we live by:

1. Trust: we aim to be the trusted advisor to clients, suppliers and investors

2. X Factor: we are a touch unconventional and innovative

3. Growth: we are avid learners, we have a curious and open mind

4. Passion: passion drives us to push ourselves; we have a passion for our global community and aim to assist the underprivileged

5. Positive: we show up with a positive attitude; we take responsibility for our actions i.e. when we make a mistake, we own it and learn from it by not repeating our mistake


Our Vision

Vaxtra will be the most trusted outsourcing partner of SMEs by making a positive difference to our client’s long-term sustainable growth.


Our Mission

Vaxtra is committed to providing maximum value to our clients. We leverage innovation and implement best practices to provide quality services enabling clients to achieve their business goals. We endeavor to be highly effective by being lean and fast- moving. We aim to give back to our communities by donating a percentage of our profit to the underprivileged.