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We offer many outsourcing services

Virtual Assistants

Get virtual assistants to support with administrative, customer service and human resources tasks.

Content Management

Content management is pivotal to ensure that your marketing channels have the right content.

Creative design

Our graphic design services will help you elevate your branding on marketing collaterals.

Seat Leasing

Seat lease in our lower cost locations in Southeast Asia and save on business running costs.

Premium quality

Vaxtra has premium expertise having been in the outsourcing industry for over 10 years.

Web management

Outsource web management tasks and save time and the hassles of managing a website.

Our Packages

Our popular packages

Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant

Get Vaxtra’s virtual assistant package and start growing your business.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Our graphic design services will help you create appealing content at scale.

Social media management
Social media management

Our social media services will help you promote your brand online.

Seat leasing
Seat leasing

Vaxtra's seat leasing packages will save you overhead costs and help your business grow.


Happy clients say

"The stress that you have lifted off the table is invaluable. Thanks for the timely support and great service."

Anthony C. Marketing Manager

"The flexibility of hiring when needed has saved us the high running costs. Can't thank you enough!"

Rachel M. Human Resources

"Your customer service and dedication has been beyond expectation even when things got difficult. Appreciate it."

Nicholas B. Solopreneur

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What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the practice of using external firms, often those located in lower cost locations, to handle work that is normally performed within a company. Outsourcing has been a practice of large corporate companies to cut costs for a long time. Now that smaller businesses have access to outsourcing through companies like Vaxtra, they are able to become more competitive in the marketplace.