Don’t Devalue Your Time – Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing your tasks to a virtual assistant (such as a web designer, SEO/SMM specialist or a general admin assistant) is a MUST if you’re a serious entrepreneur.  To become a serious entrepreneur, you have to assess the value of your time. How much are you worth per hour currently? Take your yearly salary and divide it by 2000 to get your per hour rate eg. if you’re earning a salary of $50 000 a year from your business, you’re earning $25/hour. How much would you like to be worth per hour, $50, $150, $300 or more? Decide what you want to earn per hour and then from there work on a plan to achieve it.


As an entrepreneur, there’s no limit to how much you can make, however, there is a limit to how much time you have in a day. There’s only 24hrs in a day for all of us. The value of your time really comes down to opportunity cost – the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action. These benefits forgone could be in dollars or otherwise such as time forgone to work on your income generating actions or time forgone with your family and friends. For example, if you have a web store, instead of uploading products to your web store yourself, you could outsource the job to a virtual assistant or a team of virtual staff from an offshore outsourcing company for $8-$10 per hour. You can then use the time you would have spent on the task to work on marketing strategies which will drive more traffic and leads to your web store.


To get your business to grow, you will need to let go and delegate. You need time to step back from your business every now and again to have a look at your business growth and make the relevant changes to navigate it on the right path if it’s off-track. However, often times, entrepreneurs get too emotionally connected to their business that they refuse to let go and delegate so they not only end up wasting their time doing the things that do not generate a worthy return on investment but they’re unable to see their business from a non-biased third person’s perspective.


Don’t overlook the most important aspects of your business which GENERATE INCOME by devaluing your time. Many entrepreneurs are guilty of trying to do it all on their own and this is one of the reasons why the average business makes less than $100k a year, has no plans for growth and fails within the first 5 years. If you’re doing work that someone else can do for $10 per hour, than that’s exactly what you’re worth as an entrepreneur, $10 per hour. And if you think you’re worth just $10 per hour as an entrepreneur, then you shouldn’t have quit your day job.


In order to succeed, you’ve got to have time to create and implement a growth plan for your business. Virtual staffing is a great tool that you can use as one part of your growth plan. As with all plans, always assess your risks and rewards. The risks and rewards are not the same for every person. The risks and rewards from outsourcing staff are very unique to your own circumstances and will depend on your goals, your objectives and your opportunities. If the rewards outweigh the risks and you have your finances in order, partner with a reliable outsourcing company to hire virtual assistants and you’ll see your business not only survive but thrive.

Benefits of Virtual Staffing Services

The virtual world is becoming more important in our daily lives.  The internet surfing population has drastically increased and is still increasing every day.  The innovation of technology and communication plays a vital role in the global market and the traditional ways of doing business has long been changed.  With the rise of technology, a whole new approach of doing business has emerged.

Many companies have already integrated outsourcing its business activities as a cost-effective strategy.  They take advantage of the services of virtual staff who are highly skilled in different fields to handle various tasks so that companies can focus more on other important business concerns.

Advantages of Virtual Staffing:

1.  Cheaper cost

Companies save a lot of money on overhead cost of recruiting and hiring employees, not to mention, the cost of having an office space, equipment, internet, etc.  Companies will also be  freed from the hassles of providing wages, insurance, health benefits and vacation pay.  Work can also be done at a fraction of the cost companies would normally spend locally.

2. Convenience

Hiring a virtual staff eliminates the hassle that goes along with human resource activities.  No need to place expensive job ads in newspapers or online job sites.  Outsourcing companies will  do all the process of recruiting, hiring and training which is very time consuming.  Virtual staffing  provides every company the opportunity to access a vast pool of readily available and highly skilled workforce and with the added advantage of not managing the workforce directly.

3. Efficiency

Virtual staffing allows companies to maximize profits and provide excellent service to their customers with the least amount of resources.  Companies can also capitalize on the available resources for quality and top of the line service.  Critical business activities are fulfilled with speed, accuracy, and convenience.

4. Flexibility

Distance is not a hindrance when outsourcing a virtual staff.  Virtual employees can be located anywhere in the world with different time zones, culture and background.  The distance and location is never an issue and excellent service can still be delivered anytime, anywhere.  In addition, virtual staffing frees you from any long-term and financial commitments.

5. Control

Staffing agencies provide businesses with more control in a lot of ways.  Utilizing the services of a virtual staff greatly improves the performance of any business.  It also allows companies to focus on core competencies.  To put it simply, companies have more control over costs, staffing and proper resource allocation.

Virtual staffing has now become a global phenomenon and the reason why they play such an important role in today’s business is because of the massive benefits that they provide, benefits that any industry cannot simply ignore.  It is now becoming an integral part of every business in order to have that greater advantage over its competitors.

Virtual staffing is not just considered as a trend, but a need for any business to thrive in an ever-changing market world.  It is definitely the next big step for any business to succeed.